Welcome to the official (WIP) AquariCraft Wiki~Edit

Hello, and welcome to the AcquariCraft Wiki, the official Wikia page of the mod in production by Zeto's Lab. This is our first mod created in collaborative effort, and our goal is to provide a more realistic and enjoyable aquatic experience for all Minecrafters. This Wiki, created and documented upon by CoherentBass, is intended to ensure that all users who play the mod are able to enjoy it to the fullest extent, without complication. Below, you will find the links in which you can use to be redirected to different sections of the Wiki. If you would like to find more specific information pertaining to a certain element of the mod, you may utilize the search function in the top-right corner. Thank you for visiting!

Links Edit

Normal Fishing Rod


Fish smaller


Pyrite Ore Icon Small


Shark Sword Small