Sharks are a rare species of fish catchable in the AquariCraft mod.  They are a Sixth Tier fish and can only be caught utilizing the Emerald Rod. Catching a Shark will yield Shark Teeth as well as three Raw Shark Fins, which may be cooked in a furnace to obtain Cooked Shark Fins or crafted into various objects.


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As mentioned earlier, reeling in a Shark will yield three Raw Shark Fins which may be consumed like other raw meats to provide one half of a Hunger unit with the chance of adding the "Hunger" debuff.  Raw Shark Fins may also be cooked in a furnace to achieve one Cooked Shark Fin which can also be consumed, however these will replenish four units of Hunger, as opposed to a half of a unit. In addition to providing a source of food, the evasive Sharks' fins can be utilized to create Shark variants of the game's basic tools. You may read more about these by clicking the link to be redirected to the primary Shark Craftables page.


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Catching a Shark counts towards the "The Duke of Tilapia" and "Achieving Achievement" achievements.  Obtaining a shark also contributes to the "The King of Tilapia" and "The Emperor of Tilapia" achievements as it's a catchable fish and is neccesary to meet the requirements of both. Getting your first shark also earns you the "Shark Slayer" achievement.


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